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Suppressed Weapon Systems



 MISB Rimfire Products and Conversions

Every single one of our suppressed barrels is CNC-cut from a single piece of billet material to help reduce the weight of the barrel without compromising its strength. Bearing that in mind, our team is proud to offer the following lineup of integral suppressed barrels for rimfire rifles Conversions and pistols:

Customer supplied rifle or barrel will be converted into a MISB platform 


Savage Mark II MISB 22lr — $800

       123 dBs with standard velocity ammo and 114 dBs with Sub sonic    

     (dry-fire meters 113 dBs)

  • built on customer supplied rifle
  • 1 dB louder than the hammer dropping on an empty chamber!!!!
  • Build on a factory Savage Mark II
  • All one piece MISB system
  • 16″ barrel  (10″ effective)
  • Nickel-plated barrel and baffles
  • 304 SS barrel shroud removes with no tools
  • cerakoted black
  • Conversion cost with customer supplied rifle $500


   Vudoo V-22 MISB  Barreld Action $2600

The quietest most accurate integral 22lr ever made

To the ear= 123 dBs with +1050FPS ammo and 114 dBs with subs            

  • Build on a Vudoo V-22 action w/ Rem 700 foot print compatible parts
  • Comes standard with a 20″ Bartlein Barrel 1-16 twist
  • optimized for 22lr standard velocity ammo
  • 14″ effective rifling 6″ suppressor
  • MISB system, constructed the same as out center fire 1.25″
  • Capable of sub minute accuracy with 22lr ammo at 100 yards and beyond.

MISB 10/22 Barrel—$600

10-22-01 121 dBs with standard velocity ammo and 116 dBs with Sub sonic

  • 416 SS barrel and suppressor are all ONE PIECE
  • Nickel-plated barrel and baffles
  • Full-auto rated
  • 304 SS barrel shroud removes with no tools
  • Exterior is cerakoted black
  • Baffles designed to be easy to clean
  • Fits in .920 bull barrel stock inlets
  • Optional porting to make all factory ammo subsonic


MISB Savage 93R  $800

17HMR 127 dBs  / 22WMR 128 dBs

  • Barrel and suppressor are all ONE PIECE
  • Built on a factory Savage 93R rifle
  • Quieter than a suppressed pellet gun
  • 304 SS Barrel shroud cerakoted black to match
  • Conversion cost with customer suplied rifle $500

MISB CZ457  $1100

  • Available in two barrel lengths :20.5″ overall barrel length w/ 14.5″ rifling OR 16″ overall barrel length w/ 10″ rifling
  • Cost of stand alone MISB for CZ457/455 $700 
  • Conversion cost with customer supplied rifle $500


Ruger Precision Rimfire  $950

  • Built on a factory Ruger Precision Rimfire action
  • Available in .17 HMR, .22LR & .22 WMR
  • 18″ Barrel length with 12″ effective rifling
  • Conversion cost with customer supplied rifle $500




 Speak with a Member of Our Team

At Suppressed Weapon Systems, we are committed to developing and fabricating the best integral suppressed barrels available on the market today. If you would like to learn more about our lineup of MISB rimfire products, please give our offices a call at Suppressed Weapon Systems and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.