Suppressed Weapon Systems

Performance of Our Patent Pending Monolithic Integral Suppressed Barrel™


All SWS center fire rifles are guaranteed to shoot sub minute of accuracy at 100 yards with match ammo.

All SWS rim fire rifles are guaranteed to shoot sub minute of accuracy at 50 yards with match ammo.


Since the MISB redirects, traps, and slows the gases that are released when the weapon in fired, our integral suppressed barrels drastically reduce recoil in all calibers and loads. For instance, our MISB will reduce nearly 40% of a .300 Winchester Magnum’s normal recoil. When installed in a .243 Winchester, our integral suppressed barrels will reduce around 30% of the normal recoil.

Sound Suppression

The MISBs that we produce have reinvented the very notion of weapon suppression.

Here are the numbers:

Heat Dispersion

The MISB has more than 3x the surface area of a standard thread-on suppressor. With all that real estate to spare, our integral suppressed barrels prevent the temperature from rising too quickly in the suppressor tube. In effect, the large tube acts as a large heat sink that dumps a high proportion of the trapped heat into the atmosphere. This drastically reduces the temperature of the suppressor tube.


The MISB bolt gun can be serviced within 30 seconds without the use of tools. This drastically simplifies the process of clearing debris and carbon deposits from our integral suppressed barrel.  MISB in our AR platform only require the removal of the hand guard and gas block (two screw) to expose the barrel for service.


The MISB is strong; you could hang more than 150lbs from its muzzle without damaging the barrel. In fact, the barrel itself is so strong that if the stock was bolted down and enough weight was hung from the muzzle, the screws in the stock would fail before the barrel would. In comparison, a standard thread-on suppressor would rip the threads right out of the barrel if only 100lbs of pressure were applied to its end.

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