Suppressed Weapon Systems


Inventory Guns

Suppressed Weapon Systems does not keep guns “in stock” in the traditional sense.  All guns are made to order and with the user definable features there are far too many options for SWS to build stock guns.  With that said we occasionally end up with guns that were not paid for, demo guns, over runs and blemished builds.  

The following is a list of guns that can ship on a form 3 within a week.  




Custom 308


  • Tuebor Custom Action
  • Bartlein Single point cut barrel stainless steel 308 Tactical Match chamber
  • MDT LSS XL chassis (accepts AICS magazines)
  • Adjustable stock LOP and Cheek riser, left or right hand set up
  • Ergo Tactial Deluxe grip
  • Timney Calvin Elite 12 OZ single stage trigger
  • Fresh Paint job
  • Rifle will shoot 1/3 MOA with hand load ammo Less than 250 rounds rifle


Ruger Model 96 Lever action 22


 A ruger Model 96 lever action 22 with a 16.5″ MISB with 7.5″ of rifling.  Titanum tube and stainless steel endcap.  Barrel is 416SS.  uses factory 10/22 mags and comes with one mag and a set of rings.  5.4LBS  less than 50 rounds though the gun.



(sale pending)

Ruger 77/44  44 magnum/special


 A ruger Model 77/44 chambered in 44 mag.  Stainless steel tube and barrel.  9″ effective rifling and 13″ suppressor section.  Very very quiet with subs. less than 25 rounds thought the gun.  7.5LBS  Boyds Pepper stock and stainless 1″ rings. 







Speak with a Member of Our Team

At Suppressed Weapon Systems, we are committed to producing top-of-line integral suppressed barrels that help to reduce much of the noise and recoil that are normally associated with firearms, including those utilizing traditional suppression designs.  To discuss any of your questions about any of our integral suppressed barrels or rifles, please call our offices at (832) 759-9634 to speak with a member of our team directly.

For an extensive scientific look into our recoil test, click the link below: