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Suppressed Weapon Systems

Why Purchase a Complete MISB Rifle?

Purchasing a firearm is an exciting time for any gun enthusiast because they are now able to exercise their Second Amendment rights with a shiny new weapon. With so many retail stores and Internet sites available from which to purchase a gun, it may be intimidating for a prospective buyer to find a trustworthy dealer with the specific firearm they want.

Thankfully, the qualified experts at Suppressed Weapon Systems have curated a selection of premier rifles customized and equipped with accessories, such as our Monolithic Integral Suppressed Barrels, which are proven to improve performance and durability. We aim to eliminate the uncertainty of buying a firearm by offering our customers only the best firearms on the market today. Some of the  performance upgrades that come with all of our complete rifles include:

  • Shilen Match stainless steel barrel
  • Remington 700 Actions
  • Match grade chambers, precision CNC cut barrel/suppressor
  • Titanium outer tube (3AL-2.5V “Grade 9”) and ceracoated
  • Composite or laminate wood stocks
  • Standard internal magazines

These are only a few of the practical improvements that every firearm we sell has. The firearm experts of Suppressed Weapon Systems can also help customers create customized rifles tailored to their specific tastes. Contact our office at (832) 759-9634 today for more information.

Practical Uses for the Improvements of MISBs

Monolithic Integral Suppressed Barrels (MISBs) offer numerous benefits, including improved recoil, accuracy, and heat reduction. But the true improvements are not in any quantifiable measurements – each of the benefits of MISBs yields different real world improvement that ultimately makes the sport of shooting easier and safer for all. Below is a simple breakdown of how MISBs can provide additional utility for gun enthusiasts everywhere:

  • Reduced recoil: Hard recoil is a leading cause of people experiencing nervousness about shooting a firearm. With reduced recoil, shooting can be more accessible to those that are too small or were previously afraid of firearms
  • Heat Reduction: The increased heat reduction from an MISB allows a shooter to fire more shots while keeping the firearm in a safe condition. Hot barrels are one of the leading causes of accidents at the firing range.
  • Improved Accuracy: If a gun owner must take defensive action against an intruder, it is imperative that the gun is as accurate as possible in order to save their life and reduce the chance of casualties.

The benefits of a Monolithic Integral Suppressed Barrels are not that they’re just something to show to your gun loving friends. At Suppressed Weapon Systems, we understand first hand that guns are dangerous weapons. We strive to create new products that only increase the safety of a firearm. Contact us today at (832) 759-9634 to speak with an MISB specialist and learn more about MISBs.